Breaking down the essential concepts behind regression techniques


Machine learning and statistics have many applications in business and the social sciences. However, the theory is often intimidating and not easily understood. In this series of articles, I aim to demystify the concepts behind the common tools used in data science and machine learning, starting with linear regression.


Linear regression is a statistical method that allows us to describe relationships between variables (distinct things that can be measured or recorded, such as height, weight, and hair colour). …

For article: How do large organisations become large?

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From a humble publishing shop to a global network enterprise, News Corp’s growth was nothing short of revolutionary.

Image by AbsolutVision from Unsplash

“All newspapers are run to make profits. Full stop.” — Rupert Murdoch

In the 1990s, under the vision of its principal stakeholder and owner Rupert Murdoch, News Corp strategically began to acquire properties and holdings in film, cable programming, and the Internet. Within the mere span of 20 years, the corporation has managed to amass a global network encompassing a multitude of activities and products, successfully pivoting itself away from its historical revenue streams in print and television. …

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